Beautiful gardens are the direct result of a well-executed plan. Parterre combines horticultural expertise with precise operational efficiency to bring out the best in your garden, all year round. Our fine gardening services include:

Landscape Architecture & Installation

Crafting an environment requires a diversity of skill. For “softscape” (plantings, beds, screens, vegetable gardens, etc.) and “hardscape” (terraces, driveways, walkways, water features, etc.) Parterre offers comprehensive design, installation, construction and general contracting services.

When acting as your general contractor Parterre solicits bids from within its network of trusted third-party contractors, makes recommendations as part of a transparent review, then manages the process from design through completed construction.

Ecological Land Management

Parterre Ecological Land Management integrates the principles of ecology and horticulture to restore, promote, and protect native plant communities within our public and private habitats, and in sensitive or otherwise specially regulated areas.

We can help you with the planning, permitting, implementation and maintenance of a wide range of ecological restoration projects, including removal of invasive species. For more information, or to schedule an appointment with our Ecological Land Management team, click the Contact link below.