Yes, It's Personal

Your outdoor spaces are not merely a collection of beautiful plantings; they are a personal expression of who you are, how you live, and what you value most. Accordingly, we personalize our care for your environment.

With our team of experts and single point of contact management approach, we are your trusted partner in every facet of your residential and commercial property’s needs –sustaining beauty and encouraging confidence season after season.

No matter how complex your daily lives have become, our partnership makes gardening simpler – the personal joy it is meant to be.

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Our Services

Just as a well-designed garden reveals different splendors through the changing seasons, true fine garden care has many dimensions that require different kinds of expertise. Parterre brings multifaceted horticultural, gardening, landscape design, construction and ecological management capabilities that ensure optimal garden beauty, project integrity, environmental health and your long-term satisfaction. Our service area includes Boston, Cambridge, Chatham and surrounding areas in Massachusetts.

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