Parterre Garden Services


The New England climate provides many challenges to the living landscape, and highly designed landscapes with a well-developed design intent require meticulous adherence to specific conditions.

Soil, the medium in which living plants exist, must be tested on a regular basis to ensure proper conditions for healthy plant growth. There must also be sufficient quantities of the proper nutrients in the soil. Native New England soil is typically lean on nutrients and usually has to be amended regularly with good organic content.

Water is a critical element to the health of plants, and the needs of plants can differ widely. A well-designed landscape will properly group plants based upon their cultural needs. Weather does not always cooperate, and this is why all quality landscapes have supplemental irrigation systems. These systems need to be monitored to ensure proper coverage and that the correct quantity of water is applied. Too much, too little or improper frequency can be quite detrimental to plant life.

Plant health is affected directly by the conditions in which the plants exist. Even with good care plants can develop disease or be compromised by insects. Constant assessment means early detection and quick resolution to these problems.

Over time many elements of the designed landscape can deteriorate: Masonry, woodwork, electrical, drainage, irrigation, lighting, etc. We work to constantly monitor all elements of the landscape.

Our clients' needs are regularly reviewed through our spring and fall meetings. We use our Property Profile Plan as a guide in our discussion of various aspects of the landscape. At this time we also align our work with our clients' needs and desires. This process allows for open discussion of our work and it provides an opportunity for our clients to provide critical input.

Parterre Garden Services